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  Convert YouTube Clips to .m4v format for iPod, iPhone.
Product box: DVDtoiPod Converters, AviToIpod, Youtube to iPods

The program is made for conversion, editing and downloading your video to Apple iPod.
You can convert the following formats to your iPod with its help:
DVD Video, VOB, MPEG, AVI (DivX, XviD, H.264), Real Video(RM, RMVB), WMV, QuickTime (MOV, QT), DV;
Youtube Video, RedTube - erotic video, Yahoo video,  Google video, CollegeHumor video, FLV, SWF etc.

Axara VideoToIPod  ver 2.5 Install size 9,8 Mb Price $ 27.95
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YouTube download and Convert to iPod (

DVD Ripper

   You like a video from world famous video server YouTube and you want to watch it at your Apple iPod.
With the help of the programme Axara VideoToIPod it's really easy!

All you need is to copy the link with the video reel you like into the programme, everything else will be done automatically.

The programme will download the video from the server itself, then it will use an operation of conversion "" into the format .mp4.
If your iPod is connected up, the programme will download the video immediately.

Now you can enjoy your favourite video at the iPod or iPhone.

Video Editor. Copy, Cut movie fragments   This Video To Apple iPod Converter has a special instrument, Video Editor, which allows you to cut some fragments, you don't want to see in the result video. For example, you can cut the video along the edges (missing the beginning & the ending titres) or cut out advertisement.

Video to iPod Uploader. Upload Video files to Apple iPod   In contrast to other video applications of video converters & DVD Rippers, the programme VideoToIPod is a full variant, as it does not only convert the video but downloads the result video files to iPod as well. This means that you can use it as an easy to work with iPod tools for downloading video files, editing PlayLists, etc.

   Now you don't need other converters as our programme substitutes for a group of different audio converters:
 DVD to M4V,   AVI to M4V,   WMV to M4V,   GVI to M4V,   MPEG to M4V,   YouTube to iPod 
 DVD to iPod,   AVI to iPod,   WMV to iPod,   GVI to iPod,   MPEG to iPod,   Google to iPod 
 DVD Ripper,   AVI Converter,   WMV Converter,   GVI Converter,   MPEG Converter,   Video to iPod 

   Axara VideoTo IPod has one of the best library of video formats & video codecs.

   Technical characteristics:

Supported Video Formats:
WMV, QuickTime (MOV, QT), AVI, GVI, M4V, MOV, FLV, DV, OGM, Real Video(RM, RMVB), MPEG2, MTV, Cine Camera Video.

Supported Video Codecs:
H.264, MPEG4, DivX, XviD, On2Vp6, H.263, MPEG2 etc.

Supported Audio Formats:

Supported Audio Codecs:
Mp3, AAC, PCM, MS ADPCM, IMA ADPCM, AMR, Real Audio, Mp2, DTS, AC3, Windows Media Audio, Vorbis, GSM, DVAudio, A-LAW, U-LAW, Flac etc.

   Weve done our best for you to feel comfortable. Its quick and simple to take the video anywhere with Axara VideoToIPod.

   At buying of the programme, you'll be sent the registration information instantly.

   You can always try the programme at work before buying it, the unregistered version has the full functional but it saves only a part of each track, after buying this limitation cancels.

   If you have any questions, you can always contact our support service and we'll solve your problem quickly.